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Voyonic Grampian Forest Rally to offset over 16,000 kg of CO2e

The Voyonic Grampian Forest Rally has partnered with Carbon Positive Motorsport for the second year to provide carbon offsetting for competitors and all organisers event vehicles.

This is the second year of the rally's long-term environmental roadmap and commitment to mitigate the event's carbon footprint.

At the close of entries, almost 50% of the competitors in this year’s event have decided to participate in supporting the event’s roadmap by including carbon offsetting as part of their event entry, and as a result, will enable over 16,000 kg of carbon emissions to be offset in the future using a world-class carbon offsetting project based at Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland.

Carbon Positive Motorsport brand ambassadors, Jock Armstrong and Hannah McKillop, will run as the first car on the road. The pair currently lead the highly competitive KNC Groundworks Scottish Rally Championship and will be looking to strengthen their championship-leading position after a thrilling victory in last month’s Scottish Rally.

Among the other drivers capable of winning the event is fellow Carbon Positive Motorsport brand ambassador John Wink, who is currently second in the championship. Co-driven by Neil Shanks, this popular local pairing is seeded sixth this year.

Speaking ahead of the event, Graham Provest, Clerk of the Course, said: "The Voyonic Grampian Forest Rally is proud to continue our partnership with Carbon Positive Motorsport for another year. As the premier motorsport event in the northeast, it is vital that we play our part in fighting climate change by using CPM’s carbon offsetting to help balance the CO2 we emit through our rally cars and safety vehicles. Paul and his team of ambassadors are a credit to what we all need to be - more conscious of our environment for the future."

Speaking ahead of the rally, John said: "It's great still to be helping promote Carbon Positive Motorsport, and the whole team this year has been working really hard for us to get the results we've had. Everything done in-house, and it’s a huge amount of work and commitment time-wise as well as financially to do the whole season. We’re having the best time doing it though!"

Ambassadors Brett McKenzie and Barry Young are making a return to the forests for the Grampian Rally. Their Innoflate-backed Evo 8 has had a full drivetrain rebuild since their rear diff failed on the Speyside Stages. They are hoping they can build upon the experience they have gained together since the start of the season to be competitive in the M6 class on the smooth and technical stages in Aberdeenshire.

Stuart and Marc Irvine have been competing with Carbon Offsetting since the launch of Carbon Positive Motorsport. Marc commented ahead of the rally "We’ve had a bit of an up and down year, getting to grips with the R5. Stage 1 on the Scottish was the best the car has felt all year and even with catching a car and a slight off, we were happy with the time. Problems fixed it gives us great confidence going to the Grampian, an event we have enjoyed. The stages are always in great condition, very good quality stages."

Meghan Okane has been another competitor having an impressive season in 2023. Meghan has competed with carbon offsetting since the launch of Carbon Positive Motorsport.

Carbon Positive Motorsport founder Paul Glass said: "We are very pleased to be working with the Voyonic Grampian Rally again. The event holds a special place in my heart as a regular spectator going back 40 years ago now this year, and as the event we launched our brand at back in 2021 with Matt Edwards and Ashleigh Morris. I’m very grateful to all the championships, events, and competitors who have been supporting our initiative so actively since our launch. Thanks to them, we are really making progress in helping to make motorsport sustainable for future generations to enjoy."

To further reduce the event's environmental impact, Carbon Positive Motorsport is also offering all Grampian Forest Rally competitors and spectators a 20% discount on their standard web shop prices, to encourage all traveling to the event to help bring a greater positive environmental impact.

A special discount code - CPMGR23 - has been created to use on Carbon Positive Motorsport's online shop, which will be available for all competitors and spectators to use to carbon offset their event-related travel.

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